When nature adventures became an outlet for families to escape lockdown boredom during the early days of the pandemic, the nation adopted a “get out and enjoy the great outdoors” mantra.

The Let’s Explore™ line from Melissa & Doug takes that philosophy to heart, with a selection of toys designed for adventures that encourages kids to connect with the natural world through imaginative play! 

You may have spotted these discovery toys in Target stores as an exclusive in 2021. But now, we’re happy to announce that they’re available everywhere nationally in stores and online, including at MelissaAndDoug.com

Let’s Explore™ Toys for Outdoor Adventures & Imaginative Play

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Wooden Camp Stove Set

Here’s a few tasty bites of what you can expect from the Let’s Explore™ toys. Nothing screams “great outdoors” to kids like s’mores, so we’ve got a pretend play set based on the sticky, gooey campfire treat that’ll have them yelling “More!” for sure. Then, you can teach your kids how to land the catch of the day with the fantastically fun pretend fishing play set, where amateur anglers can learn how to bait hooks, cast off, and which fish to catch! 

And that’s not even close to all this new line of discovery toys has to offer. Keep reading for more highlights, and discover the joy of outdoor adventures that instill curiosity and confidence while inspiring kids to say, “Let’s Explore™”!


Let’s Explore Wooden Camp Stove Play Set

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Wooden Camp Stove Play Set

Explore the experience of outdoor camp cooking with the 24-piece Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore™ Camp Stove Play Set! The wooden play stove has knobs that turn, an adjustable “burner,” and a double-sided grill and griddle. Wooden utensils, felt and wooden play food, two durable plates and sporks, cups, kettle, collectible medallion, and a reusable activity book all store the stove for quick and easy cleanup!

Let’s Explore Hiking Play Set 

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Hiking Play Set

Explore the outdoor experience of hiking with the 23-piece Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore™ Hiking Play Set! Load up the kid-sized backpack with hiking essentials such as a canteen, play snacks, and a first aid kit. Hikers can protect themselves with play sunscreen and a clip-on safety whistle. Use the play binoculars to discover animal tracks (includes six double-sided track cards), and the trail guide and multi-tool (compass, magnifier, saw, and ruler) to navigate and explore! Everything stores in the adjustable backpack for quick and easy cleanup.

Let’s Explore Vegetable Gardening Play Set

Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Vegetable Gardening Set

Explore te hands-on joy of planting and harvesting vegetables, anywhere, anytime! A durable gardening cart with extendable handle holds a planting tray and stores all the necessary gardening supplies. Plant play seeds in the spongey soil inserts, mark with plant tags, and water with the watering can. Slide the play broccoli, carrot, and tomatoes into the dirt and harvest the bounty with a trowel and cultivator! The 31-piece play set for kids three and older includes reusable planting and care guides, and a collectible medallion.

Let’s Explore Camp Cooler Play Set

Melissa & Doug Camp Cooler Play Set

Explore the fun of preparing pretend meals and snacks on imaginative camping trips, picnics, or trips to the beach with the 27-piece Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore™ Camp Cooler Play Set! Load up the kid-sized play cooler with realistic play food packages of granola, raisins, fruit, and yogurt. A play ice pack keeps things “cool,” and there’s a container with two nesting cups for “hot” soup and drinks! Everything stores in the play cooler for quick and easy cleanup.