Jet Pilot Interactive Dashboard

Buckle up and let imagination take flight with this wooden airplane dashboard with steering yoke, scrolling map, 4-speed throttle, lights, buttons, switches, and sound effects; comes with a play headset, reusable takeoff and landing checklist, and 3 double-sided destination windscreen scenes
Throttle increases speed of scrolling map and yoke moves plane in the scrolling display; destination dial and radio button play “hello” in 6 languages and music from each location

22 sounds in all, including turbo boost, landing gear, night mode, seatbelt, weather (rain, snow, thunder, clear), left/right turn, cabin and tower communications; press and hold a button to record messages, release to play back with voice change

Light-up dials include altimeter, horizon, heading, airspeed; extra fidget switches keep fingers busy; encourages fine motor development, imaginative play, language skills

3 AA batteries required, not included; on/off switch and auto shut-off after 9 minutes of inactivity

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Ready to let imaginations take flight? Roger that! The Jet Pilot Interactive Dashboard features lights, buttons, switches, and sounds to keep kids engaged and immersed in exciting pretend-play adventures. An aeroplane steering yoke is mounted on a sturdy wooden cockpit dashboard with a snap-on windscreen that fits three double-sided, full-colour destination scenes. A four-position throttle plays engine sounds and adjusts the speed of a scrolling map; turn the yoke to move a mini-plane in the scrolling display! Press and hold a button to record a message, and release to play back with voice change. Turn the destination dial to hear “hello” in six different languages (English, Mandarin, French, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic) and press the radio button for music from each destination (U.S., China, France, India, South America, and Africa). Other sound effects include turbo boost, night mode (changes the colour of dials, too!), seatbelt, weather options, landing gear, and turning. Light-up dials include altimeter, horizon, heading, and airspeed indicators. Add to the pilot role play experience with the pretend play headset and a reusable takeoff and landing checklist. The dashboard, which has two volume options, requires three AA batteries, not included; the toy automatically turns off after approximately nine minutes of inactivity to prevent battery drain. This product is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits, and that forests are protected for future generations. Please note that FSC certification applies to new inventory only (FSC C156584).

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Ages 3 to 7


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