My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

What is today? For a child, that simple question can have so many answers–and this daily calendar helps satisfy them all! Kids will feel a greater sense of control and responsibility when they help post the day of the week, date, weather, and special events on the large magnetic board for all to see. There’s even a space to post their mood–an excellent way to open communication and encourage children to gauge their own emotions. Updating the information is simple: Simply take a preprinted magnet from the lower magnetic board (which hangs below the calendar to keep magnets within easy reach). Then place it on the calendar to fill in the information . . . or make a custom magnet by writing on one of two dry-erase magnet tiles! There are fields for day, date, season, weather, temperature, activities, holiday, and mood.


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3-4 years old

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Daily magnetic calendar to display day of the week, date, weather, and special events
Includes a pair of fabric-hinged dry-erase boards (one with calendar template, one blank for magnet storage).
Includes 80 magnets including years, months, numerals for dates, days of the week, holidays, special events, emotions, and a
A sturdy cord is attached for hanging.
Encourages communication and a reassuring expectation about the events in a child’s life.


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