Toy Spotlight: Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar

2022-01-05 By Melissa & Doug

Happy New Year! There’s no time like the present to get your little one learning about days, weeks, months, and much more about the world around them. That’s why we’re shining our latest Toy Spotlight on Melissa & Doug’s My Magnetic Daily Calendar! It’s our Melissa’s Pick of the Month

Why Kids Will Love the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Daily Calendar

Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar hanging on a wall

As kids reach their toddler age and stage, they start to exert more control over their own lives, and our Magnetic Daily Calendar is a great toy to help them develop more of an understanding about the world they live in. What day of the week is it, and what’s going on today? What month is grandpa’s birthday? When is my show & tell day at school? How’s the weather outside today? And how are you feeling about your doctor’s visit on Friday? All the answers can be found right here!

Your child can keep track of their daily lives and more using My Magnetic Daily Calendar! It even includes blank magnetic tiles, so you can customize your own special days, events, and activities. Using My Magnetic Daily Calendar every day will help your child learn the basics of time management, organization, and responsibility in a fun, engaging, and educational way that’s interactive for the whole family. 

For right now, don’t worry about the future, let’s focus on today, as we take a closer look at My Magnetic Daily Calendar in this edition of our Toy Spotlight blog!


Girl holding up Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar

Enjoy everyday updates with My Magnetic Daily Calendar!

3+ years

Play Basics: What is today? For a child, that simple question can have so many answers—and this magnetic daily calendar helps satisfy them all! Kids will feel a greater sense of control and responsibility when they help post the day of the week, date, weather, and special events on the large magnetic board for all to see. There’s even a space to post their mood—an excellent way to open communication and encourage children to gauge their own emotions. Updating the information is easy: Simply take a preprinted magnet from the lower magnetic board, which hangs below the calendar to keep magnets within easy reach. Then place it on the calendar to fill in the information . . . or make a custom magnet by writing on one of two dry-erase magnet tiles! There are fields for day, date, season, weather, temperature, activities, holiday, and mood.

Playful Details: The magnetic daily calendar displays day of the week, date, weather, and special events. Includes a pair of fabric-hinged dry-erase boards—one with calendar template, one blank for magnet storage. Comes with 80 magnets including years, months, numerals for dates, days of the week, holidays, special events, and emotions. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging. Encourages communication and a reassuring expectation about the events in a child’s life.

Who Will Love This: Anyone who aspires to be a good human being will LOVE getting My Magnetic Daily Calendar, because it’s a fun, engaging way to learn about managing your time, getting organized, and interacting with the world outside your home. Plus, parents, grandparents, caregivers, family, and friends can feel good about giving My Magnetic Daily Calendar as a gift — it hits all the right sweet spots as an educational toy that kids will WANT to play with!

Countless Ways to Play: My Magnetic Daily Calendar lets kids take more control over their lives—why not start scheduling “play dates” at home utilizing other great Melissa & Doug toys? Start the extra-credit lessons with our School Time Classroom Play Set. Once studies are done, it’s time for their annual check-up visit with the Deluxe Doctor’s Office Play Set! Don’t forget to bring your favorite pet to the vet, then after, it’s time to get those teeth cleaned, too! When their busy day is wrapped, it’s nice to unwind and schedule some “me time”—maybe a little crafting session before dinner!

Skills at Play: Fine motor; time management; organization; social-emotional development; letter and number recognition; early reading

Preschoolers can generally understand basic time concepts such as “now,” “before,” “later” and “after.” But calendar play helps them develop and understand abstract and long-range temporal concepts: today, tomorrow, next week, in April, a year from now, etc. Playing with My Magnetic Daily Calendar in particular also helps teach kids important primary skills such as new vocabulary words, number recognition and sequencing, pattern recognition, new holidays and important dates, fine motor skills, early reading and writing, preparing for upcoming events, and even helps with social-emotional development when you discuss your child’s mood each day! 

Plays Well With: If My Magnetic Daily Calendar gets your little one attracted to wooden magnet toys, we’ve got you covered like the family refrigerator. Spark their creativity with the Deluxe Magnetic Art Easel, then cover that thing with our Magnetic Letters & Numbers Bundle! Once they’ve mastered the calendar basics, take their magnetic organizing to the next level with the Magnetic Responsibility Chart and keep track of chores, rewards, and more. When it’s time for serious play, kids can customize undersea outfits with the Mermaid Magnetic Dress-Up Play Set, or take a crack at wrangling wildlife with the Wooden Magnets Bundle – Animal & Dinosaurs!

“Let me just start by saying I love this calendar. It’s sturdy, [has] bright colors and [is] easy to read. I bought it for my 2-year-old and she loves it. She gets up in the mornings and changes the weather right away. It gets her excited. I love that it has a way to just hang it instead of mounting it to a wall. It can be moved around easy. The actual calendar [is] wood with magnet board. It has options to change the months, dates, day of the week, seasons, weather, holidays, activities and how I feel today. I’ve bought many Melissa & Doug products before and this is one is one of my favorites. I highly recommend this product for your kiddos.”
Jenifer Torres, in a 5-star review

Girl lying next to her Melissa & Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar on the floor and playfully holding up a magnet next to her eye